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Blue Lagoon Resort Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for booking your holiday with us, we are looking forward to welcoming you and will do our best to meet your expectations. Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Dress Code Policy

1. Is there a dress code policy?
Yes, the hotel has a dress code policy that requires men to wear long trousers for dinner.
2. Does the full length trouser rule apply to children under the age of 18?
This rule applies to adult men over the age of 18. All children under this age are exempt.
3. Regardless of their height?
Yes, regardless of their height.
4. Do men have to wear full length trousers in all restaurants?
Men are required to wear long trousers in all the restaurants except for the Mesogios Restaurant.
5. Are jeans acceptable?
Yes, jeans are accepted as long as they are of full length.
6. Do men have to wear full length trousers for breakfast and lunch?
No, men are required to wear long trousers only during dinner.

Rooms & Amenities

1. Do you provide a hairdryer in the room?
Yes, a hairdryer is provided in the room.
2. Is there an electric kettle in the room?
Yes, we provide an electric kettle in the room.
3. Are coat hangers supplied in the wardrobes?
Yes, all wardrobes are supplied with a certain number of coat hangers.
4. Is there a safe in the room?
Yes, all rooms are equipped with a safe against charge.
5. Do you provide an iron in the room?
No, we do not provide an iron but we do provide you with an iron service with extra charge.
6. Do you offer laundry service?
Yes, we provide a laundry service with extra charge.
7. Do you provide shampoo, shower gel etc?
Yes, we provide shampoo and shower gel in addition to other bathroom supplies.
8. What other bathroom supplies do you provide?
We also provide soap, conditioner and a vanity kit.
9. Is there a mini fridge in the room?
Yes, all rooms offer a mini fridge but not a mini bar.
10. Is the bottled water replenished daily?
No, your fridge will be equipped with bottled water upon your arrival but will not be replenished thereafter.
11. Where can I buy bottled water?
You can buy bottled water at the bars and in the hotel mini market.
12. How often is the linen changed?
The linen is changed three times per week.

Beach & Pool

Beach & Pool Towels

1. Do you provide beach/pool towels?
Yes, the hotel provides you with beach / pool towels free of charge.
2. How often can they be changed?
You can change your towels daily at the towel room.
3. Are beach towels provided in addition to bath towels?
Yes, you are supplied with beach towels in addition to your bath towels.


1. Are the outdoor pools heated?
No, outdoor pools are not heated.
2. Are the pools with sea water or chlorinated?
The pools have fresh water with chlorine and are maintained on a daily basis.
3. Are inflatables allowed in the pools?
Yes, inflatables are allowed in all pools.
4. Do you have facilities to blow them up?
Yes, there is a pump next to the mini market.

Beach Sunbeds & Facilities

1. Do you have to pay for the sunbeds by the beach?
Yes, sunbeds by the beach are with additional charge. 
2. What is the charge?
The cost is 5euros for two sunbeds and an umbrella.
3. Are there toilet facilities on the beach?
No, there are no toilet facilities on the beach.
4. Where is the nearest bathroom?
The nearest bathroom is 75m from the beach at the main building of the hotel.
5. Is there a beach bar?
Yes, there is a beach bar.
6. What does it provide?
It has a limited selection of beverages.


1. Are there restrictions on the waterslides?
Yes, there are restrictions on the adult slides. Children must be over 10 yrs of age or at least 120 cm of height.
2.Are they enforced?
Yes, they are enforced.

Allergies & Special Requirements

1. Do you cater for a Gluten Free diet?
Yes, we do cater and provide for a gluten free diet.
2. Do you cater for Celiac disease (no cross contamination GF diet)
Yes, we also have all the necessary knowledge and take all provisions to cater for people with Celiac disease.
3. Who do I inform of my request for a Gluten Free diet?
You can send an email to and also inform Guest Relations upon your arrival.
4. When is it best to inform?
It is always advised to inform us prior to your arrival.
5. Do you cater for other allergies?
Yes, we do and please feel free to inform us of your allergy at

Check in & Check Out

1. Do you offer a late check out?
Yes, we do offer late check out subject to availability.
2. What is the additional cost?
That would depend upon room type and the season. Please contact the Reception a day prior to your departure in order to check the availability.
3. Is food available upon late arrival/check in?
For arrivals after midnight we offer cold sandwiches & a fruit basket in the room. For arrivals before midnight we offer a light dinner buffet.
4.Do you offer a welcome drink upon arrival?
Yes, we offer a light refreshment upon your arrival at the reception/lobby area.


1. Do you offer room upgrades?
Yes, we do offer room upgrades with additional charge and subject to availability.
2. When can I upgrade?
You can upgrade upon arrival subject to availability and against charge.


1. Do you provide wi-fi?
Yes, we do provide Wi-Fi in all public areas and in the rooms.
2. How is the internet?
The internet speed is 200MB and the signal is good.

Care for Infants & Babies

1. Do you provide baby cots?
Yes, we automatically provide a baby cot in the room for all reservations with a child under 2 years of age.
2. Do you provide travel cots for young children?
Upon your request we can arrange this for children over 2 years of age. Please email
3. Do you provide a bottle warmer/ sterilizer in the room/hotel?
Yes, the hotel can provide you with a sterilizer & bottle warmer station upon availability. A deposit is required.
4. Does the hotel mini market provide regular and swimmable diapers?
Yes, the mini market provides both regular diapers as well as swimmpants.
5. Does the hotel provide special meals for babies?
At the buffet you can find boiled or steamed vegetable puree. For any other requests please contact our restaurant staff. Also, you can find baby food at the hotel mini market.

Restaurant Reservations

1. Do we need to make a reservation for a thematic restaurant in advance?
Yes, a reservation is required. You can make your reservation in the morning during breakfast in any of the three restaurants.
2. Can we make a reservation before we arrive at the hotel.
No, the reservation has to be made during your stay at the hotel.
3. Is there a restriction on the number of times we can book?
Yes, you can book each restaurant once per week.
4. We have children, can we book in all the restaurants?
Yes, you can book in all restaurants.

Hotel Amenities

1. Is there an ATM on site?
Yes, there is an ATM in the main lobby of the hotel.
2. Is there a Bureau de Change in the Hotel?
You can exchange your currency at the Reception.
3. Is there a boutique in the Hotel?
Yes, there is a boutique in the hotel.
4. Is there a mini market on site?
Yes, there is a mini market in the hotel.

Facilities for the Disabled

1. Do you provide rooms for guests with disabilities?
We offer a limited number of adapted rooms with adapted bathroom. These are always upon request. Please contact our reservations department at
2. Is the hotel area suited for wheelchair usage?
Yes, the hotel area is very flat and all facilities have access for a wheelchair except for the pool and beach. Please note that entry to the pool is made possible only through steps and ladders.

Low Season & Weather Conditions

1. Are all facilities and restaurants open during low season?
During the beginning and the end of the season it could be that some of the facilities are closed due to low occupancy. Nevertheless, their services are offered in other facilities of the hotel.

Sports Facilities

1. Do you provide tennis rackets?
Yes, we provide tennis rackets with a deposit.
2. Do you provide golf clubs for the mini golf?
Yes, we provide gold clubs with a deposit.
3. Do you provide table tennis rackets?
Yes, we provide table tennis rackets with a deposit.


1. Do you arrange excursions?
No, the hotel does not arrange excursions. Please contact your holiday representative for more information.

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